The Secret of Knights Templar Knight That No One is Talking About

Rasizm\/Nacjonalizm | Centrum Informacji AnarchistycznejThe Alexandria Link by Steve Berry

Another novel in the action packed series following former CIA officer and Navy Captain, Cotton Malone who previously appeared inside the ever popular Knights Templar Dagger Legacy novel.

In this work we obtain to understand Cotton’s ex wife, their son Gary and a several other characters. Focused around both the plot to manipulate the long hidden assets with the library of Alexandria and a plot to shoot down Air Force One, The Alexandria Link is a quick moving work that brings people in the United States to Europe lastly to the middle east.

While I was certainly interested inside quest to obtain the long lost library of Alexandria, which unless you have in mind the legend was destroyed some time at the very least 1,500 years ago and with it all the with the world before Jesus was lost. Additionally, there were reportedly (no less than on this fictional account) numerous natural translations from the Bible there which has been since lost to history along with the true concise explaination religion.

The part of the novel I had trouble following and didn’t enjoy involved the plot to kill the sitting United States President. Aside from being dubious of these distinctive line of emailing begin with, the plot itself also seemed entirely unlikely and completely unbelievable even during a fictional account.

Overall, the novel was an appealing read specifically if you tend to enjoy conspiracy theories and mysteries because the book itself carries numerous which. Cotton Malone is an interesting character and something I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from in the future, as well as his son Gary who shows himself to become a willing if unexpected protagonist on this novel as well.

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