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knights templar productsLaws of Attraction Were No Secret

If you havent been aware of “The Secret” or read it, you’ve got either been living in a cave, a spiritual cave or a literal cave, its every where. Its a fantastic book, but for someone who is extremely informed about the laws of attraction, it made a lot unsaid and also “skimmed the surface” of the spiritual principle extremely important and powerful that many ancient and modern day teachers have been bringing to us for centuries.

Many folks, including myself, were informed about these spiritual principles, long before they became “mass media and mass consciousness” and were utilizing and dealing using the laws for many years. They werent any secret to us, nevertheless they certainly weren’t public knowledge together would state today.

It is fantastic that the general human population is altering its consciousness because of these books and teachings brought to us actually many thousands of years ago, but due to what are known as “heretical” nature on this thinking, many spiritual groups were instructed to practice and learn in secrecy and just the initiated were privy.

The Knights Templar Patch Templar were certainly aware about these spiritual teachings and they were garned from the gnostics, cathars, Jesus, Babylonians, Egyptians and yes it starts back and back, some of them died protecting and defending these beliefs. The knights templar were persecuted and tortured in 1313 and made to confess to absurd crimes by the french king, simply because had amassed great wealth and power using and defending their beliefs and that he was losing his.

Many “new thought” thinkers, teachers and writers did start to bring to light the truths regarding the power of thought and the law of attraction with the turn in the century, like Wallace D Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Madame Blavatsky. These concepts began to make their exit west with all the “spiritualists”, long before Rhonda Byrne brought the thought to the public light within the new millennium.

Two of my favourite teachers and authors who brought and so are bringing the bulk with this spiritual information on the west starting inside the seventies are Dr Wayne D Dyer and Dr Deepak Chopra. They were talking about the power of “manifestation” and also the laws of attraction inside a big way, a long time before Rhonda Byrne if you need to truly learn more regarding the subject from two very wizened older gentlemen that have a lot to offer on this matter, look on the books I have selected that you can read.

I highly recommend that anyone who is interested within the spiritual principles which are at play within our lives as well as the subtle quantum energy that we use constantly to help form that will create consciously and unconsciously, what have you, look at following.

I have listed several of my personal favorite books that relate directly to the laws of attraction that you can and may utilize not only to manifest money, but health, relationships, opportunities and a higher consciousness of living which creates true peace and happiness. I have listed eight books for you to read from the Dr’s. Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Deepak Chopra are two with the most important pioneers of the spiritual/new thoughts, modern movements, here inside west, and we all have a lot to find out from their website.

I love them both and recommend them. I have never met them personally, but I have interviewed and met additional important spiritual authors and figures, and absolutely believe inside power of thought and intention. It works, whether you determine to think about what you look for, or dwell on everything you do not want, it functions in either case.

So be cautious that which you think of and remember, a powerful “positive” thought is really a thousand times more powerful a fearful have no fear?

May the force be with you.

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