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The Protoss Guide to The Dark Templar Rush

One Protoss guide helpful to know will be the Dark Templar Rush. It is another classical rush, absolutely devastating in Starcraft Classic and as effective in Strarcraft 2.

What helps make the Dark Templar Rush so effective, may be the infrequency in which players utilize it. It is this kind of long term in comparison with other more commonly employed rushes such as the Ling rush and also the Marine and Marauder push, that perseverance is essential before it might be employed.

The Dark Temple Rush requires not only the correct circumstances, but speed, precision, a great deal of resources and just plain skill. I would describe it as being a professional build for intermediate to advanced players. This rush could be fatal to an opponent who may have didn’t scout it, but requires excellent micro and excellent awareness, along with good transitioning skills in order to execute.

This is not a standard build, like the majority of rushes. It can be a risk. It’s best to abandon it you can definitely your assailant scouts your Dark Shrine. Make the transition right into a 4 Gate as quickly as possible. Note the surprise of experiencing cloaked units which your attacker hasn’t detected could be the key element of this build. Your opponent begins building the required detection and units to combat it.

The strategy is ideal against opponents which may have not dedicated to adequate detection because they’re not anticipating a Dark Buy Knights Templar Rush. A lot of opponents could be caught off guard by this opening, as it’s not frequently employed.

This is when the build is executed.

1. Train probes in anticipation of having your 9th probe, after which create your first pylon as usual, and send that probe to scout.

2. On your 13th probe move out your first Gateway, also start Chrono boosting probes. This build is heavy on gas as well as the early tech advancements cost a lot of gas, and most importantly each Dark Templar Costs 100 gas, only 50 minerals. So just for this build the emphasis should be more on gas.

3. By your fifteenth probe you would like to make certain you have at the very least two Assimilators.

4. Once your at 16 supply and 200 minerals start building a Cybernetics Core, and send that probe to your geyser should you not already have 3 probes on both of which.

5. When the Cybernitcs Core is fully gone, warp inside a warp Gate. Also be certain to get some good Sentry’s and Stalkers in the market to battle early push’s. The Sentry’s forcefield ability is great for this.

6. Continue to build probe and saturate minerals.

7. Warp in a very Templar archives when the Cybernetics Core tech is fully gone. Be careful to strategically place any tech that can indicate to your assailant that you will be building Dark Templars. The component of surprise is essential with this strategy.

8. Once the Templar Archives is completed warp in a very Dark Shrine when it is finished, also preferably in a remote location through your opponents away from your opponents scouting areas.

9. Upgrade your Gateways to Warp Gates and build a pylon near your enemies base, also preferably from site.

10. Use any extra minerals to develop more Gateways.

11. Once your shrine is complete, warp inside a Dark Templar in which you constructed your pylon. If the opponent doesn’t always have detection, sign up for his workers and anything that could possibly escape detection.

Against Terran, you’ll have to wait till he lowers his walls one which just process into his main. If she has detection be sure to stay clear of it. If all she has is often a scanner, get the scanner. Stay from range of his scanner without exceptions. If your attacker is Protoss or Zerg target his attacking and defending units first and then attack his workers.

With this Protoss guide to a Dark Templar Rush, you need to be capable to practice this skill, and be prepared to execute it in the event the macro and micro conditions are optimal.

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